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Criminal Defense in Connecticut – How to Handle a DWI Stop

Drinking and driving is against the law in Connecticut. The best way to avoid a DWI is to not drink and drive. You can also follow these tips to ensure your DWI stop is well handled.

Tips to Handle a DWI Stop

  1. Always be calm and polite: Greet the officer politely. Remain calm and try to be pleasant. The best tip is to ask if the officer would like to see your license and registration.
  2. Handle things slowly: Quick moves are seen as acts of aggression. Move slowly.
  3. Do not answer: The officer may ask who you are or if your car is registered or insured. This is to check your speech, and to see if you sound drunk. If possible, do not answer any questions posed by the officer.
  4. Maintain eye contact: Eye contact reveals a lot about you. Bloodshot eyes may mean intoxication. Try to have a polite and cool look at the officer.
  5. Do not agree to sobriety tests: If the officer asks you to step out of the car, then follow instructions but do not agree to any sobriety tests. If you refuse these tests, then the officer may arrest you based on your behavior and driving. Refusing these tests may help you to reduce the severity of the case against you.

DWI Attorney in Connecticut

If you have been charged with a DWI in Connecticut, then contact a DWI attorney. Attorney George W. Ganim, Jr., a DWI attorney in Connecticut, has successfully represented individuals with alcohol related driving offenses for over 28 years. Call (203)445-6542 / 475 298 1377 for a free consultation.

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