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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Attorney Bridgeport CT

Domestic violence is exerting power and control over another person through threatening and abusive behavior that may include physical, emotional, and sexual violence. These actions include isolating a person from sources of support, and depriving them of independence and personal gain. Females are most often victims of domestic violence. Victims may suffer severe consequences including physical injury, depression and sometimes death.

Types of domestic violence

Domestic violence occurs in different forms. Physical injury, emotional and financial abuse, insulting, threatening and assaulting can all be domestic violence.

Physical violence is forceful physical behavior that causes bodily harm. Actions include hitting, threatening with objects, and refusal to get the victim medical attention.

Emotional/ Psychological:
Emotional violence includes constantly criticizing the victim, blaming and insulting the victim, isolating the victim from family/friends/work, and stalking the victim.
Psychological violence includes instilling fear in the victim. Threatening or blackmailing the victim to do something unlawful is abuse as well.

Sexual abuse is when the victim is forced to have sexual intercourse with the abuser. Forcing someone into prostitution is sexual abuse as well

Economic violence includes making the victim financially dependent, misuse of victim’s financial resources, controlling the victim’s bank accounts, and forbidding the victim to work.

Protective and restraining orders in a domestic violence case


The victim of domestic violence obtains civil protection orders at the time of arraignment after the accused is arrested. Restraining orders can be issued on the day you apply if there is an immediate and present physical danger. These orders forbid the accused from sending e-mails, calling or texting the victim, meeting with the victim or partner at any time. It also prohibits possessing firearms and gun permits. These orders can last for the duration of the case and can often be very strict.

Violation of protective/restraining orders


Both protective and restraining orders are serious, and violation can lead to serious criminal charges like penalties of ten years in jail, probation, heavy fines and submission of your DNA to the Department of Probation. If you are accused of violating a protective/restraining order, then you need to hire an experienced Bridgeport domestic violence attorney

Bridgeport domestic violence attorney


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